Thursday, July 21, 2011

Attacks on Pro lifers

I got this email a while back but apparently my Internet is having issues. I thought I should post this here in the hopes more people will support the cause. Remember we all have a voice that can help change the world..will you use yours today?

Pro-Aborts AreGetting Violent!
Recent Attacks on Pro-LifersIndicate a Frightening Trend.
Here'swhat YOU can do to helpstop it!

From: Fr. Frank Pavone- Priests for Life
July 18, 2011
Dear Fellow Pro-Life Warrior,
In yet another criminal attack onpeaceful, law-abiding pro-life demonstrators, an angry pro-abortion womanviolently punched, kicked, and slashed pro-lifers in Albuquerque, NewMexico on Tuesday, July 5th.
One pro-lifer in particularsustained a severe gash on his head that required stitches!
Theattack was videotaped, and the police were called. But before they arrived,the woman had fled the scene after briefly going inside the abortionmill.
Her description and license plate number were given to the police, andthey recently arrested her and charged her with two counts of battery.
Unfortunately, this is not the first incident of pro-abort violenceagainst pro-lifers. At the same abortion mill in Albuquerque – alate-term killing center run by notorious abortionist Curtis Boyd– an angry armed man threatened to KILL two pro-lifewomen who were counseling the man’s wife and daughter after theyasked for alternatives to abortion.
Because there was a gun involved, the policeresponded in full force… evacuated and shut down the abortionmill… and arrested the perpetrator.
There’s more.
At thesame abortion mill, a man in a large delivery truck drove over the curb andtried to hit the pro-lifers on the sidewalk who were holding signs aboutlate-term abortion. The man had been verbally abusing the pro-lifers forseveral days prior to this dangerous attack.
Once again, the man’slicense plate number was given to the police. They said they would“talk to” the man, but stated it was unlikely that any chargeswould be filed.
And not long ago, a fire bomb was thrownat pro-life demonstrators in Montana. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Andwhen the police showed up, they merely disposed of the evidence and saidthat no investigation would be made.
All of this adds up to apotentially deadly trend that pro-lifers are facing from violent pro-abortsall across the country.
In fact, one man – Jim Pouillon ofMichigan – was shot to death in cold blood in front of hisgranddaughter’s high school by a man who said he hatedJim’s pro-life signs.
Disturbing? You bet.
Buteven more alarming is the often indifferent reaction by manylaw enforcement agencies when these incidents occur. The police sometimesact as if the pro-lifers “deserve” this kind of violence forpublicly showing the ugly truth about abortion – as if we bring it onourselves.
We don’t. We’re there as peaceful, prayerful,quiet witnesses for the pre-born – giving them a voice and a chanceto be rescued from abortion.
After all, pro-lifers deserve the sameprotection as anyone else in society who’s peacefully and legallyexercising their First Amendment right to free speech and peacefulassembly.
Over the past year, I have been the target of violent threatsthat have led to effective action by local, state, and federal authoritiesto protect my life, and I’m grateful to these law enforcement andanti-terrorism officers here in New York City for their responsiveness!
Butit’s appalling when the police “look the other way” and,in effect, side with the pro-aborts. But we’re not going to stand forsuch injustice.
Yes, we know we risk feelingthe wrath of those who are haunted by the guilt of killing their childrenor grandchildren. We willingly “stand in the gap” and interveneon behalf of the innocent babies targeted by abortion – no matterwhat the cost.
But one thing we won’t tolerate is the lack ofbasic justice and police protection from criminal acts of physical violence– especially the kinds of attacks I’ve described in thisAlert.
When peaceful pro-lifers get beaten, cut, shot, or seriously threatenedvia a gun or a truck (assault with a deadly weapon), we will demand thatthe violent criminals be brought to justice.
And that’s why I’mwriting to you today.
Since the pro-lifers in Albuquerque areparticularly under attack right now, I need you to send a specialurgent e-mail to Albuquerque Chief of Police Ray Schultz.
First, wewant to thank him and his department for arresting and charging thewoman who recently beat the pro-lifers in Albuquerque. Action was takenbecause of an outpouring of phone calls and e-mails from concernedpro-lifers like you around the country, who weren’t about to sitstill for this kind of criminal violence.
Secondly, we want to urge ChiefSchultz to schedule an increased police presence around theSouthwestern Women’s Choices abortion mill where all the violenceagainst pro-lifers is happening.
We’ve prepared the e-mail for you, sothat all you have to do is clickhere to sign and send your e-mail today.
Hopefully, with tens of thousands of people nationwide contacting ChiefSchultz, he’ll be moved to “light a fire” under his staffand properly defend the peaceful pro-lifers of Albuquerque from thesefelony attacks.
I sincerely hope you’ll take a few minutes to stand withyour fellow pro-lifers in Albuquerque. Few of us can be there in person,but all of us can be there with them in spirit, in our prayers, andthrough the e-mails we send to Chief Schultz.
Thank you, in advance, forhelping to defend those who defend the babies.
Yours for Life,

Fr. Frank Pavone,
National Director,Priests for Life
P.S.     This just in…
Asthis Alert was being written, we were notified that Troy Newman ofOperation Rescue received a piece of mail sent from France thatcontained “a suspicious white powder” that, he feared, wasanthrax!
The police, the FBI, a hazmat team, and numerous otherofficers and investigators showed up to handle this potentiallylife-threatening act of terrorism.
This just goes to show you that the pro-aborts are lashingout in frustration because their side is LOSING, and the pro-life side isWINNING.
Those whopromote the culture of death will stoop to any means – even fatalattacks – in order to intimidate, harass, and terrorizepro-lifers.
Violence is the only thing they know, and they don’thesitate to use it.
Too bad it doesn’t work. It only makes uspro-lifers stronger in our will and resolve to fight for thedefenseless unborn babies who are the tragic victims of the violence thatgoes on inside every abortion mill in America, every day.
So pleasecontact Albuquerque Chief of Police Ray Schultz right now by clickinghere to send him an automatic e-mail.
And while you’re doing that,pause to say a little prayer for the brave pro-lifers who are literallyputting their lives on the line in front of America’s killing centersevery day.
Theyneed an abundance of God’s grace to embolden them and protect themfrom harm. Because frankly, they never know when their next pro-lifemission could be their last.