Sunday, February 26, 2012

For Just a Little While....

For just a little while,
You held me close to your heart.
Your voice was sweet and gentle,
I loved you from the start.

But then I heard you say
That you didn’t want me to be born.
And so those cold instruments took hold of me,
And from you I was torn.
God had a special plan for me,
One that He wanted you to share.
I would have loved growing up with you,
If my life you had spared.
There was so much you could have taught me,
It could have been such fun.
Now I will never sit on your lap,
Go barefoot, swing, play, hop and run.
Mommy, I’m not mad at you,
And I’m sorry I got in your way.
But my little soul lives on in Heaven,
And I hope to see you one day.
I believe that when you get to Heaven,
You will know me and love me, too.
And if you have the time,
We’ll sit and talk and find lots of things to do.
Jesus said on the cross, “Father, forgive them,
They know not what they do.”
Mommy, Jesus loves you and forgives you,
And I do too.

Arthur, age 75
Source: http://christiananswers.net/life/stories-abortion2.html

Sunday, February 12, 2012

All in a day's work.

You know as women we tend to do so much. Day in and day out, sometimes it takes a complete stranger's shocked "you do all that?!" to bring this into perspective.

We take so much of what we do for granted, it's like we come with an automatic "forget I did that" button. No, no it's not gloating but definitely praise.

What a wonderful thing! We are able to accomplish so much in a DAY!! Sorry fellas but you can't top that haha!! Okay maybe that one was totally gloating.

It makes me feel proud to know that God designed us women to be able to do all we do. We take care of husbands, babies, parents, extended family, friends, home, schooling (for those that home school), work-whether at home or outside the home, volunteer, church and SO much more!!

In essence, everything we do we do because we love to take care of our loved ones, it makes me happy to wake up early in the morning to give my 6 month old his heart medication, to start a pot of coffee and read my Bible. To see my husband off to PT, welcome him back and serve breakfast, to see my older kids come happily downstairs to enjoy the family breakfast, to see daddy off to finish the rest of the day. To clean after my family, to watch my kids finish their morning chores, to begin homeschooling, to share all the meals, the laughter, the MEMORIES we are making!

In the process not only are my children learning more about family life, loving and caring about each other, but to be honest, I learn as well. I have been a career woman, I have been a business woman working from home achieving amazing recognition, I have done it ALL, at the end of the day though, I am SO utterly HAPPY to be right here, right now.

At home with my husband, our children. Cooking, cleaning, educating, guiding, loving, caring and learning. RIGHT WHERE I BELONG.

ALL in a days work ;)