Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Magic of Ordinary Days

For those of you not acquainted with this movie, you should watch it. It is one of my old time favorites. (For information on the movie click here)

To me, the movie reminds me of the great plans God has for us. Livy (Kerri Russell) is pregnant out of wedlock and a marriage has been arranged, she marries someone she doesn't know or love. As the story progresses you can see Ray (Skeet Ulrich) loves her and baby. I wont spoil the movie, but it is a must watch.

I see this in my life almost daily. God has plans for me, even if I don't see them, they do unfold. For that I am grateful.

Let me start with how my husband and I met. I was much younger, I had worked a long shift the night before plus overtime because a coworker decided not to show. Got off work at 6 am. At 7 am a knock on the door (more like pounding) woke me up after I had just gotten home. My friend Ashley walked in, reminding me I had promised to go to her brother's wedding with her. Argh, I asked if I could go later. Nope. So I went.

Mind you we were college roommates at one time but I had never met her family. As we were driving to the town where her brother would get married I kept thinking, "who the heck gets married so early?' I would eat this words later ;)

So I went, dropped my bag of clothes in the room she told me to. There lay a handsome man who mumbled something I didn't hear along the lines of hello, I darted out. Sure that was the groom.

Later this same man kept trying to start a conversation with me, I kept thinking "what a jerk! he is about to get married and he's flirting with me!" As the day progressed it was time for the ceremony. I saw him take his place to get married and the best man was coming, but the best man stood in front of the groom. Exasperated I prayed someone would tell him to move! He was going to ruin the wedding! Then the bride came, turns out I had it all wrong. :) So they got married and the man I thought to be the groom was in fact the best man. We married four months later. All thanks to God's plan. My plan was not to go to the wedding.

You see? Even on days like today, I planned on doing nothing but as He would have it I still had to do laundry (which I have been postponing for far too long) I got to spend time with my husband over coffee and good talk before he snuggled with our little Gloria. I had planned on taking a long shower but couldn't find the scrub I just bought, I had planned on doing nothing at all this evening but what centered around ME. God had other plans, they centered around my family. Isn't that often the case ladies?

We hear all this voices telling us we need ME time, and of course a little break is just and necessary, but sometimes we forget that the ordinary things we do everyday (feeding, cleaning, nurturing, etc) are really the real "magic" in our days. They are exhausting, draining, so many demands that can drive us crazy. More homeschooling papers to grade, more diapers to change, more mouths to feed, more clothes to wash, and the list just grows! More, more, always more!

Is it really that bad? I think not.

I think we need to be reminded of the real blessings we have amidst the plans we didn't.

I didn't plan to be a wife, I didn't plan to be a stay at home mom, I didn't plan to love life so much that I would be open to it. I didn't plan these ordinary days, I didn't plan to give so much of myself that sometimes it hurts. So much that I feel stretched so far more than I thought possible. These ordinary days have taught me more about God, love, life and the infinite blessings that abound in these days we see as ordinary. The truth is they are not. They are the glue that holds hearts together.

May you see the "Magic of Ordinary Days" too. ....And the movie of course