Saturday, May 17, 2014

Venturing into health.

Sigh, it has been a long while since I actually have taken a good look in the mirror and noticed those little "pesky" red flags of unhealthy habits creeping up on me.

The thing is, I continue to gain weight, sleep less and neglect to exercise! I decided to finally do something about it. Nothing crazy, or drastic, mind you, but SOME THING!

My second son (Big D) has a terrible time with gluten, so we are virtually (ok, MOSTLY) gluten free. Nope, no weight loss, but definitely feel better. I need to start exercising and to really take better care of my self so I can care for my family.

I am taking "bite size" steps in the right direction.

First order of business: clearing the cabinets and fridge off junk! Wish me luck, we will see how it goes! See you in 4 weeks ;)