Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planned Parenthood-a woman's choice

I got this from www.Onemillionmoms.com on FB. I think it is so heart breaking that today's society has truly been desensitized so much they believe this is acceptable.

Since 1973, there have been over 52,008,665 abortions in the United States.
That's 1,300,000 babies every year
That's 108,333 babies every month
...That's 27,083 babies every week
That's 3,735 babies every day
That's 155 babies every hour
That's 2.6 babies every minute
That's 1 baby every 25 seconds!
(Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute)

Let's start making the right choices, the only real choices. Think about it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shut Down

Okay so we have been hearing this in the news, reading it online and just about everywhere you turn.

The stand still is due to a disagreement on funding for Planned Parenthood.


First off the title needs to be changed to Planned Abortions. Anyone who has done the research well knows from the beginning this was the plan. They continue to provide them, and most of their revenue comes from performing said abortions. If you are saying well they provide health care and birth control. I have news for you hospitals and doctors offices ALREADY do that.

So let's take those $300 million and use them wisely to pay our military service members and their families. Let's use that money to fund an education that is not dumbing down the kids that go to public school, let's fund those hospitals and doctors offices that have always provide the services needed minus abortion.

Let's put the money where it really belongs, not on the killing of innocent  babies.

Remember all this next time you vote.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jesus is coming May 2011!!

First off let me say I saw this and my jaw dropped. The same guy who said Jesus was coming back in 1994 is saying now is the day. Sorry Mayans and Nostradamus better check your calendars.

Really? May 21 2011? Dear Jesus can you please move it up 30 days later? It would be a lovely birthday present. If not can you do 5 days later it would make a lovely wedding anniversary present. Oh wait I think we already had plans for that month. Rats.

Okay now that I'm off the sarcastic waggon, I want to remind Mr Harold at http://www.familyradio.com/may_21/ that the Bible (you know God's Holy word?? ringing a bell??) says no one will know the date not even the Son.

So if Jesus doesn't know, well how do YOU know?? It brings back memories of Charles Taze doesn't it?

Then on the website it says Mr Harold can be 100% certain because of his extensive theological studies, a few paragraphs above it states he graduated from Berkley with a degree in Civil Engineering. Any Engineers out there? I am not a genius but I am sure Theology and Engineering are at different ends of the spectrum right??

Tiny piece of advice, as much as I enjoy hearing the jokes on the Looney Tunes(R) that predict the end of the world, wouldn't it be better to abide by God's word and stop playing prophet and Lord?

Give it a shot.