Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planned Parenthood-a woman's choice

I got this from www.Onemillionmoms.com on FB. I think it is so heart breaking that today's society has truly been desensitized so much they believe this is acceptable.

Since 1973, there have been over 52,008,665 abortions in the United States.
That's 1,300,000 babies every year
That's 108,333 babies every month
...That's 27,083 babies every week
That's 3,735 babies every day
That's 155 babies every hour
That's 2.6 babies every minute
That's 1 baby every 25 seconds!
(Source: Alan Guttmacher Institute)

Let's start making the right choices, the only real choices. Think about it.

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