Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Pornographic Nation.

Yes here I go again with a "hot button" topic.Someone has to bring it up, after all I have never been much of a "worldly follower".  I refuse to be someone who complains and does nothing about it. I refuse to let my family decay in any shape and form. So today I am lightly tackling what has become such a huge problem, today's generation (25 and younger) thinks of it as part of "everyday life."

I am speaking (or rather blogging if you will) about PORNOGRAPHY. In it's many forms. This is not just the indecent sexual acts on the web or your pay per view channels. Now you have DVDs, sexting, cybersex, magazines, shopping catalogs, mailing ads, billboard and even children's movies are rampant with pornography. It is a booming industry, some of us are unaware of the support we give it!

How can we be unaware? We bring the VS catalog into our home, letting our children "glance" at it without thinking about it, we join companies for "the healthy sexual education of women" sell their "toys', we allow our children to watch shows that have a "mild nudity" content and then scratch our heads when we see the family structure fall apart!

Don't worry I am not going to go full force on this today, after all with my pregnancy I need to keep my stress level down, so lucky for the Porno industry I will go "easy" on them.

Anyone with an ounce of a brain cell can see at a point and time that this is wrong. It destroys moral values, breaks families, endanger children, etc. Pornography has been the number one culprit of sex trafficking,child sexual abuse (many perpetrators started with adult pornography, moved to teen and ended in child pornography) and no I am not pulling this out of thin air. If you want to do something, and hopefully you have a desire to fight the filth I urge you to visit http://www.moralityinmedia.org/ today and become a partner.

The reason why I am talking about this is( in case you haven't read the newspaper, watched the news or even visited the Internet), is the mere fact that there is an outbreak of sexual indecency in the world. Not merely left to adultery, now the ages for a sexual offender (rapists, molesters etc) has dropped. We have teenagers and in many cases children as young as 6 years old raping others (though they don't fully comprehend the action it is a vice they have been exposed to and act upon). It is not merely the fault of the pornography industry but also of the society that allows such depravity to have such a peaceful existence

All the years I worked in law enforcement I can tell you the things I saw regarding this topic make my skin crawl. As a parent it is both my duty and my privilege to protect my children, but if we as a whole (society) don't do something 10 years from now the act of raping someone is going to become the norm, just like 10 years later pornography is not merely targeted at adults.

I urge you to do something about it. Turn off the TV, screen the movies you are allowing your kids to watch, safeguard the Internet, the video games, the catalogs. No it's not over the top!I have a family member that mocked me over restricting video games to my children, guess what? I really don't care, WHILE THIS PERSON ALLOWED COMPLETE FREEDOM AND HER HOUSE OF CARDS FALLS APART I WILL PRAY THAT SHE WILL SEE THE TRUTH SOON. I AM NOT SIMPLY BEING A PROTECTIVE PARENT, BUT ALSO AN EX LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER WHO HAS SEEN HER SHARE  OF CHILDREN WOUNDED BY IT, AND PEOPLE WHO BELONG IN JAIL ALLOWED TO WALK BECAUSE WE ARE SO LENIENT ON THEM.

We established and enforced a rule against public smoking, don't you think the bodies , lives and preservation of our children's innocence is worth more of an effort then the stench of a freaking cigarette?

Will you do something about it? Or will you simply stand around and watch?


  1. AMEN to the nth level! I'm waging war in my corner of the world, too, Karla. I've even posted a somewhat related content because of a trigger involving someone close.


    I hope FATHERS and MOTHERS become convicted by the Lord to FIGHT for their families and not just watch them be destroyed. I'm praying... I'm praying... I'm praying... Thanks for this post! Love it.

    Be blessed always!

  2. Thank you Cookie, We must all do something, no matter how small it seems for change to happen. Keep up the good work!

  3. Simplegirl has left a new comment on your post "A Pornographic Nation.":

    Yes! Great post! As Cookie, I also am praying and praying for a change, for a wake up call, for anything that will make people notice and do something. God love you! I'm a new follower via Blog Frog:-)

  4. @simplegirl-sorry something happened with the comment publishing feature, but I wanted to thank you for your comment! Thank you for following and for trying and praying for change!