Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The eye of the storm.

Nope I am not speaking of an actual weather related storm, although the weather in the country (specially the Midwest) definitely deserves mention. 

If you know even a little about the weather, you might recall hearing how the eye of a hurricane/tornado is the quietest of places to be. I know, NOT a good enough reason to want to be in one, however it is a feeling I get often! It brings to mind several season in my life in which the storms were severe enough to uproot me had it not been for the One who holds me in His hand. I am speaking of the storms in life.

"The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe" Proverbs 18:10

Recently I found out a dear friend of mine is battling cancer again, yet what caught my eye is her attitude, in the middle of this battle she is vibrant, positive, and still as funny as ever!

"A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance" Proverbs 15:13

As I had a short conversation (through email) today with my friend, I wanted so bad to reach and touch her, sorry she is not near, and then it hit me-she has much to offer me after all, we can all learn to be like her; sitting still, with a smile on our face through the storm, as God reveals what He has in store for us.

I pray that God gives you the grace and strength you need as you "weather" through your storms, whatever their size.

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