Monday, November 1, 2010

To vote or not to vote that is the question...

How many people actually take voting seriously? Do you vote? Do you belong to a specific party? What is it that you look for in a candidate?

When I was younger I use to believe that you had to chose a political party that more closely resembled your opinions, that was the major importance on the political party I chose. Next came whether that political figure was candid or not, followed by a few issues and how it got along with certain idealisms I had. At that time I had also walked away from my faith to try others and well to put it mildly my life was disintegrating fast.

I bought into the bs of "a woman's choice", feminism etc. It could have been culture shock, after all only in this country will you find so many appealing "freedoms", but the truth was as I got older and realized I needed God, I went back to my home Church. I chose to really take a look at what I was taught in Church and realized every thing I so blatanly believed when I walked away was a lie.

The choices I made were based on me walking away from my faith to experiment with others that left me empty and confused at best.

No this is not to "attack" any one particular belief, what it is a self realization that we do need God in ALL areas of our lives.

When I realized that , I discovered that if I want to make a difference in the world my vote had the power to do so. So long as I voted under the right frame of "mind".

When I decided that sitting down and electing the next person whether a senator or a town mayor I needed to vote for those that truly resembled the beliefs I had about the worthiness of a human life, the care of the elderly, the rights of the people that so valiantly fought for this country among others.

In that moment of truth I realized how important voting is, and to vote well one must vote through the eyes of God so to speak. Disregarding the secular world view, the party affiliations and all other petty aspects we vote by.

I urge to take this seriously for the price we pay if we don't is too high a price to pay.

Go vote according to His will


  1. Dropping by from Catholic Mothers' blogroll - I take voting very seriously too, I wish everyone would take the time to educate themselves on more than just a candidate's party affiliation!

  2. I feel the same way! I wish people wouldn't wait until is all coming undone before they did that also.