Monday, December 20, 2010

A Cheerful heart.

Wow can you believe it? Christmas is a few days away! As the excitement and anticipation begin it is very easy for us moms to let the hard loving work we do turn to stress. I know because I was there a few weeks ago. I felt miserable that I was behind, no Christmas tree, no cards mailed etc. I let those thoughts begin to creep up and dictate my mood.

I am sure you heard the old saying "if momma ain't happy nobody is happy", how true can that be! When I let my mood be controlled by the to do list it went down the drain! My mood is more then just a mood, it is an attitude and when I let the negative thoughts creep in  I noticed it begin to affect my family. My husband became stressed about his unfinished to do list, my kids felt that they were not doing enough, the baby became cranky and it became a vicious circle!! After the third day of this I had to scream ENOUGH! (well mentally scream). I prayed and asked God for courage to know what He wanted me to do.

My answer came that night, I picked up my Bible and found a bookmark on the passage that says, "Martha you are worried about many things, but Mary has chosen what is right" OUCH! The thing is the last time I picked up the Bible was 2-3 weeks ago, I let the "busyness" get the best of me. I put that to do list before Jesus (the real reason for the season) AND my family.

After reading that passage I knew I needed to adjust not only my attitude but my vision as well. I apologized to my family for the craziness and we all had a longer then usual prayer night. The thing is sometimes we don't realize the HUGE effect we have on our families. So ladies please be sure to take breaks, just enjoy the season for what it is the celebration of our Lord and Saviour. Spend time enjoying your family and making memories. The rest will fall into place.

May God keep you and yours safe and happy!

Merry Christmas!!

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