Monday, May 9, 2011

Are you a Saul or a David?

So today the kids and I were watching What's in the Bible? 6 with Buck Denver. This is one of many shows by the creator of Veggietales. I love watching these shows, they are very educational AND fun.

Today's dvd was over I & II Samuel and I Kings. Kids and I are on II Kings but it was a great refresher course. One of the things that stood out to me today even more then when we read it was how alike and yet so different King Saul and King David really were.

Both were alike because both were chosen by God to fulfill the role of King over Israel. Both had the Spirit of the LORD descend upon them to help them fulfill their roles, both at one point disobeyed God and committed sins.

The HUGE difference, and reason why God told Saul the crown would not remain in his family while He promised David his house would have a descendant that would rule over all of Israel and have God's unending love, is in the way they chose to acknowledge their sins.

Saul got "too big for his britches" so to speak, when confronted about his sin he gave excuses and chose to ignore God because he (Saul) was king and powerful.

David, on the other hand, confessed his sin, repented and asked God for help, guidance and strength to obey Him.

It got me thinking. How many times when we fall do we humble ourselves before God? Or do we let pride overtake us and try to justify our actions?

We must ask ourselves what kind of "King" Am I a David or a Saul?

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