Thursday, May 5, 2011

BadCatholic: Pro Freaking Life

BadCatholic: Pro Freaking Life: "'When the revolution happens you won't read about it in the newspapers.' It is a sad state of affairs, when battles fierce and important ..."

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  1. Hi Karla: I'm flattered to see you're following my blog. I appreciate it. I love the names of your children...Trinity, how lovely. And home- schooling, oh my, how brave... and wonderful for your kids. I see we both follow BadCatholic, he's a hoot. And Ree Drummond has great recipes, love her posts. I see we enjoy similar blogs. Visit me again, on Crooked Halo and maybe you'll enjoy a recipe or two from cucinananette.blogspot.com (we all have to eat in between praying ;) God Bless. N