Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh Summer are you really gone?

Can't believe it. Summer just flew by this year!! Is it me or does it feel like every year goes by faster?

I mean c'mon summer is the time we get things done around here! Know what I mean? We de-cluttered, we finish projects (and yes we add projects even when we are not 100% done..I know, I know) we do fun stuff, we have more family time but sometimes it all seems to go by so quickly!

Next thing you know Fall is here. Along with more work (for hubby outside the home for me, well in the home of course) more things that should have gotten done but didn't. Homeschool, visits to far away family members we did not get to see.

It can seem overwhelming at times but to tell you the truth I love fall. The way the leaves change colors, the way the air gets crisper, the Holidays around the corner...hmmm I can already feel it!

The truth is we will always have a to do list that seems to grow a mile every year but something I am learning as I go is to enjoy each season in life as it comes. It feel much more "freeing" to do so do not worry about yesterday and fret about today.

Enjoy your season in life, whatever that may be. I will even with the clutter and craziness that may come with it sometimes.

Grab a glass of wine (or you can use grape juice and pretend, hey don't judge is easier to use what we have on hand hehe) and celebrate today!

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