Thursday, September 23, 2010

What do you get when you cross a polka dot with a monkey?

I know you have NEVER heard that before. Know how I know? Because I just made it up. Yep know you are wondering is she feeling inspired? Maybe she is trying to have a catchy title? Is she just plain nuts?
Although the latter resonates a little closer to home, they are all wrong answers.

I am going to tell you the misadventures in mothering today, ready?


So it started like everyday, I woke up smiling. Worked out for like 2 hours. I took a shower and when I got ready, I looked gorgeous. (alright by know you figured this was the fictional part) then I stepped down stairs to make a breakfast fit for kings (yep still fictional) and I gently sang to the kids to wake up (scream? hollered? am I being spied upon?) and my wonderful son (who is almost 7 and to this day maintains the idea that he can play football inside the house without much damage..hmm...) stops and looks at me and grins....

Here comes the horror.

You know when people, specially little itty bitty people (namely your children) get that look on their face like there is something hilariously mischievous and they just can't keep it to themselves any longer? Well that was the looked he had on. Finally I could now stand it any longer so I said "Jeremy what is so funny?" he bursted  into laughter and said "mommy you look like someone crossed a monkey with polka dots!!"


So he thought my polka dot pajama pants were hilarious, add to that I happened to be wearing a Curious George tee shirt and well there is your answer.

What do you get when you cross a polka dot with a monkey? A mommy who has learned that she better get non polka dot, non monkey PJ's on or get dressed like a "normal" mother (does one even exist?) or else the little trolls I call my children might find something eerily hilarious about what I am wearing.

Off to plot..there is cloth shopping lurking around the Christmas list...oh revenge is sweet....

Just kidding....well maybe.


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  1. That is so funny. They really call us don't they!